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It's important to understand that not all ideas are worth a million dollars. What your idea is worth depends on how innovative or unique it is, how much time you have put into developing it and whether it relates to specific markets or industries.
A specially trained PonderBank analyst will assess and score your idea based on a set of specific criteria that have been developed as part of our idea assessment formula. All PonderBank team members are obligated to user privacy.
Once you upload your idea to PonderBank and decide to sell, it belongs to you until it has been sold. Once someone buys your idea, the intellectual property is transferred to the buyer and they will then own it.
PonderBank staff need to see the idea to validate and rate the idea, but they cannot see who the user is. All PonderBank team members are obligated to user privacy.
Free ideas are ideas users chose to share for free so brands and industries can make decisions on positive changes. Rated ideas are ideas you can sell as they have been rated on content to give buyers an indication of value and reassurance the idea is valid.
PonderBank has created a specific idea assessing formula. is a secure website which uses an SSL certificate to protect against hackers or any other unforseen security issues. Additionally, the utmost care has gone into building an environment where your information is kept confidential.
Apart from being able to sell your idea, a specially trained PonderBank analyst will assess and score your idea based on a set of specific criteria that have been developed as part of our idea assessment formula.
The PonderBank Team has special representatives personally contacting specific brands and industries advising them of great ideas on PonderBank.
PonderBank was established for everyone in the world to use and the US dollar is the most widely accepted currency in the world. This gives users the most success to sell their ideas as just about every major brand has a connection with the United States of America.
There are many reasons for this. Your idea is a secret until sold. Secrets are worth nothing if they're not secrets. There are many complicated laws throughout the world connected to selling patents and intellectual property. PonderBank has worked tirelessly to come up with a process to sell an idea. Basically, if there is no way for a buyer to be reasonably sure they're buying scaled valid content, there is no payment system to handle that transaction. There has to be something like PonderBank to support your idea to be able to sell your idea.
Ideas are secret until sold. Secrets are worth nothing if they are not secrets. Buyers have to use diligence and assess the rating of an idea, if the rating is high there is a good chance that the idea will be useful for the buyer’s, brand or industry. If the rating is low there is a good chance it will at least be great feedback for the buyers, brand or industry
The world is a competitive place these days and the smallest things can give a market advantage. Great ideas can make a huge impact to dominance in the market place.
Creative ideas are the crowning attribute of the human race. The fusion of creativity and practicality has lifted the human race to the alpha position of the animal kingdom.
It is a survey you can create about something you might be interested in or think could be useful information for a brand or industry. You can share this survey with contacts and friends and collect the information. This information is yours until a Brand or industry buys the survey and you receive your payment of 20 cents per user response to your survey as the creator. Your contacts and friends that answered your survey will receive points that they can redeem for cash once they have reached a certain amount of points.
As a participant you will receive 40 points for every survey sold that you have participated in. You will get no points for answering a survey until it has been sold. You will be able to see in your account box the potential points you could earn. When you have reached or have more then a 1000 points you can redeem your points any time, at the current exchange rate of 1 cent for every 2 points. 
When you have reached a 1000 points for Participating in Surveys that have sold on PonderBank you will be able to exchange points for cash. At a 1000 points you will see a red tab pop up saying Redeem Points for Cash simply click Tab.
Feedback is worth money to brands, industries and government organisations. Creating a survey yourself to share with friends and contacts is a good way to collect feedback to sell, instead of big data collecting companies most often collecting your feedback for free and selling it for them to collect the profit.
You will have different friends and contact to the user that created the survey that would be like yours, and that survey may have been started at a different time and peoples feedback will change over time, especially if the the brand or industry is listening to feedback.
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