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A better communication system in trucks and earthmoving equipment to improve safety!


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This is a good idea, it would make sense to have in any vehicle with communication radios.
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Trucks should have an audio panel like an airplane, so the driver can choose what radios and communications devices are operational.    But more importantly as well for UHF and CB radios have a voice microphone on a flexible mount close to drivers mouth. Simular to like the older model FH Volvo Trucks had for the phone but as well have a push to talk button that can be placed any where for the drivers best convenience , like on the gear stick lever so the UHF and CB radio can be used without having to pick up the microphone and while the driver is turning steering wheel with one hand.    I know you can get a Bluetooth GME UHF Radio's now, which isn't the most convenient set up. Plus big fleets wouldn't change out all there UHF’s to something that could not be as reliable as the trusted hardwired UHF. But a plug-in wire kit to fit any UHF already installed would be a great item to be able to buy. And there is a big market for it in Road Transport safety and Mining equipment with a UHF or CB radio through out the whole world not just Australia.   Radio manufacturers or aftermarket electronics supplies could all so produce something like this to fit in a truck or any vehicle. Even earthmoving equipment would be a great benefit to be able to have this system.    

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