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A marketing phrase for Volvo Truck and some other great marketing ideas.


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Kenworth Trucks would hate these marketing ideas. From PonderBank Team

Volvo Trucks the best medicine, for the KW bug!  Follwed by the obvious! low maintenance, comfort, safety, economic, truck of the future. Hassle free trucking!

Another Marketing idea is to get a Hi profile celebrity, like Jenifer Hawkins saying she prefers a smooth Ride in a Volvo Truck. (It makes her feel ergonomic)  and (with no offense to the Gay society) This would also help with the Gay image that has been put out on Facebook of Volvo Truck Drivers.
Volvo have a great product and the trucks are great, Volvo Trucks needs to work on converting the People in the transport industry that are hooked on the big Tough Americain Truck image.  Really an operator that is still running a truck they have to grease, adjust brakes, spends all weekend washing the truck are like a big Dummy that needs some educating. So some clever marketing might be the best thing to win these operators over. Make Kenworth operators feel like they are Dummies, or make them think they are stupid because of a Pretty Celebrity promoting Volvo Trucks.

Pretty Girls are selling cars in TV advertisement has got popular now with Ford and Toyota. It must be working as they keep doing it.

Volvo Trucks could maybe come up with their own pretty girl. And to make her known as the Volvo Truck Girl.

All so have some promotional girls travel the Nations highways handing out a small gift to Volvo Truck drivers like T Shirts, Stubbie coolers, Caps,ect a bit like at the Super V8's.

It would get the air ways on the UHF talking all along the Highways of Australia. The Promotional Girls would be well trained to give Volvo Truck Driver all the attention.
Attached is just one image from a FB post.
Remember this type of Marketing isn't just for Volvo its for the thousand of dedicated people that drive Volvo trucks that some times come under attack for diving a european truck.

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