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A tool cabinet that tells you when tools are missing.

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A tool cabinet could be produced that has sensitive scales that knows the weight of the tools in the cabinet, each tool could be weighed in or checked in or the Tool Cabinet could be supplied new with Tools in it, so the Electronic interface or a Bluetooth App on your phone can tell you what tools are missing or most likely what tools are missing. The cabinet could have a light on it that turns Red when tools are missing or being used and not in the cabinet. The Cabinet could have a green light to show the Cabinet is complete.
  The Cabinet could be linked via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi  to a app on your phone that lets you know what tools are most likely missing as well if the Wi-Fi connection was through the workshop the connection could all so provide security from where ever you are if someone has taken a tool out of your toolbox or is tampering with it. The Tool Cabinet could also have a camera and takes a picture of who is at your tool box's removing tools.
  As well if the Phone App has a record of a tool missing for an extended time and that tool has been checked in or registered from when the toolkit was new the App could give you the option to reorder that tool from your phone easily.

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