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Buy Australia rating for supermarkets and shops that support Australian Products

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Buy Australia!   Australian Government or some other organisation should create a rating system for supermarkets and shops, that support Australian products the best. The rating would be based on how well the shop promotes Australian products on their shelves and signs through out the shop.  So if Woolworth appeared to be promoting Australian products more it could get a better rating then Coles for example; Shoppers would feel more compelled to shop in a supermarket or shop that promotes Australia more than one that doesn't.  The Rating could be generated buy user feedback or perception of the users by doing survey’s or I am sure there would be other ways to create a rating.  A lot of us try to buy Australian but can’t always do that, but it would be nice to know we are shopping at a supermarket or shop that is promoting Australia products best.   This rating could also be an incentive for Coles and Woolworths to try harder to promote Australian Products as Aldi and Costco are off shore company's.

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