Steven Burgess
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This Idea is Recorded and Date Stamped. 29/10/2018


Fire System to save property during major bushfires

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People put there lives at risk to defend their property from the onslaught of a bushfire.
My idea to fire proof property is with the use of water pump and dedicated water tank. You set up a series of spray sprinklers on the roof and under the eaves. 
When a fire approaches you start the pump and the spray sprinklers wet down you roof and gutters, thus stopping flying embers catching your house on fire. The water running into the gutters will flow back into the tank giving a prolonged life.
the size and volume of the tank would be worked out to achieve a minimum of around 5 hrs of water spray. This would give enough time for evacuation and for the major part of the fire front to move past the property.
The benefits of this system is the safety of life and property.
contact Steve on 0418635856 for further details.

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