Pam Lawson
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This Idea is Recorded and Date Stamped. 20/04/2017


Here's a idea for Doctors, Doctors need to tell elderly people to drink more.

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I care for my elderly parents and I have seen so many times symptoms and medical issues. Its hard to get them to drink the right amount of water each day but when they do, you can see a huge improvement.
  But when you most see the improvement is when they end up in hospital from a bladder infection or just run down and not making sense and nearly all the time they put either of my parents straight on fluids and within a hour or so there saying to me  what am I doing in hospital I feel great.
 When the doctors sends them home they fail to tell elderly people to keep up with lots of fluids or especially water. I have had now got my Father drinking a litre a day and some of the things he is taking Pills for have gone away. My mother won’t listen, she's worried about having to go to the the toilet to much.

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