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9 months 2 weeks ago

Government Should Create App for Voting Sake

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Making laws in government goes a long way, there are some selfish leaders that makes law that benefit them and there love ones (the rich) without even considering the citizen of that nation.

Here is my idea, In order to make good laws in any government house should base on two important points.
1. Reasons for that law
2. Who is going to benefit (Citizens or Government?)

There must be at least two reasons why the new law is needed

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Paul Crouch
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9 months 3 weeks ago

Life & Death on the Road from a Heavy Vehicle Driver's Point of View Survey #1 Caravans & Pushbikes


What is the best way to increase road safety for all highway & road users? 
Ask the men & women who are out there working on our roads & highways.
These men & women see the tradegdy & near misses on a day to day basis & a lot of them have thoughts on ways to prevent accidents & make the road safer for all road users.
This Survey asks the questions relating to heavy vehicle drivers because the author has 30 years + experience driving heavy vehicles including semi-trailer & coaches.

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